Pane Pugliese

Our product line and process draws inspiration from the artisan bakeries I knew in Italy. The bakers I met would use one dough and to make a variety of loaves varying in size and shape and how they were baked.

Our signature loaf is the Pane Pugliese. It is a simple recipe of flour, water, biga (a wild yeast starter), and salt, baked at a high temperature and scored twice on top. From this loaf’s dough we have developed a number of other products:

  • The Semi di Sesamo which is the same size and shape but rolled in sesame seeds that give it an extra tasty crust baked at a high temperature
  • The Filone, a dark loaf rolled in bran flakes and because of it’s size and the crumb to crust ration can keep longer.
  • The Stirato, a baguette shaped loaf, a Pullman loaf as well as a number of rolls and sandwich breads from this dough.

The wild yeast makes these loaves flavorful, easily digestible and keep longer. Stop by our bakery in Tribeca to purchase a loaf or two.

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