Father’s Day Favorites at Grandaisy Bakery

sesame bread from Grandaisy Bakery NYC

1. Semi di Sesamo

Our classic pugliese loaf generously coated in sesame seeds. A deliciously flavored loaf for many occasions.

“The perfect breakfast on a Sunday morning is two slices of sesame bread, toasted with butter and jam – not just any jam but the Grandaisy Bakery strawberry pinot noir jam.” – Charles

2. Pizza Cavolfiore

Cauliflower, gruyere cheese & bread crumbs – You never knew you could love cauliflower this much. We call it cauliflower power!

“My kids love having cauliflower pizza and lumaca whenever I bring them to Grandaisy” – Anthony

3. Lumaca

Flaky pastry with apricot jam, currants, walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar. Slow and steady wins the race to deliciousness with this snail (lumaca in Italian) shaped pastry. The perfect swirl of a treat for any day.

4. Grandaisy Cake

Our classic almond pound cake, with citrus essences. Baked in the shape of a daisy. Perfectly sweet, moist, and flavorful.

5. Biscotti Pratesi

Our double baked biscotti, made with almonds and anise – dip in coffee for a morning treat or vin santo for a sophisticated dessert after a well deserved Father’s Day feast.

6. Brioche Rolls

The brioche rolls are our daisy buns, they are rich and buttery – and a little sweet. Many of our customers use them for hamburger buns but they’re also good on their own!

“I love bringing home our brioche rolls – they are delicious and my kids love them” – Tenzin

Do you know? You can order some of these items online. And we cater. Next time you’re in the mood to celebrate – think of us! View our catering menu.

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