Pane Pugliese

Our product line and process draws inspiration from the artisan bakeries I knew in Italy. The bakers I met would use one dough and to make a variety of loaves varying in size and shape and how they were baked.

Our signature loaf is the Pane Pugliese. It is a simple recipe of flour, water, biga (a wild yeast starter), and salt, baked at a high temperature and scored twice on top. From this loaf’s dough we have developed a number of other products:

  • The Semi di Sesamo which is the same size and shape but rolled in sesame seeds that give it an extra tasty crust baked at a high temperature
  • The Filone, a dark loaf rolled in bran flakes and because of it’s size and the crumb to crust ration can keep longer.
  • The Stirato, a baguette shaped loaf, a Pullman loaf as well as a number of rolls and sandwich breads from this dough.

The wild yeast makes these loaves flavorful, easily digestible and keep longer. Stop by our bakery in Tribeca to purchase a loaf or two.

Colomba Pasquale

 Of all the signs that Spring is in the air, we love none more than the annual arrival of the Colomba Pasquale, a traditional Italian Easter bread baked in the shape of a dove.

Similar to panettone – with a delicate sweet flavor and an airy texture, studded with candied orange peel and citron, the Colomba Pasquale is covered with a scrumptious layer of crystallized sugar and whole, unpeeled almonds. Ours has a unique additional treat: it comes loaded with the highest quality Italian chocolate.
Colomba’s history can be traced back to Milan and the victory of Legnano in 1176, when cities of the Lombard League prevailed over Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who was intent on capturing Italy for the Holy Roman Empire. It’s said that two doves symbolizing the Holy Ghost appeared on the altar of the chariot carrying the battle standard.

The Colomba commemorates this important event, and this special bread is now made and enjoyed throughout all of Italy (and NYC) during Easter.

Meet Mimi!

Grandaisy Bakery operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It takes many team players to get exceptional products out of the oven and to our customers.

Everyone is essential from the head baker leading the mixing, shaping and baking process to the packer who counts and packs bread for our wholesale customers to the barista making an exceptional latte, to the controller that makes sure everyone gets their paycheck and so on.

We want to take an opportunity to celebrate our team and share some of their stories with you.

Mimi is from the Ivory Coast, in West Africa. Her first language is French, but she also speaks English (“with a little difficulty”, she says, but that’s never stopped her from getting people in line!). As the packing manager, she’s the most important person for ensuring we always have the best quality bread in stock for our wholesale customers. She has to make sure that we are sending the freshest items, in consistent sizes, for hundreds of orders per day. Mimi says that her favorite bread from the bakery is the Pizza Bianca, our long rosemary focaccia bread: “It’s the best bread for making sandwiches!” She, for example, likes making her turkey sandwiches with it. The bakery makes ours with a potato bun, but we’re always looking for new ideas! Maybe we’ll try making a sandwich next with Mimi’s secret hot sauce recipe, if she ever decides to share it.

However, like lots of people at Grandaisy, she has lots of duties! Mimi is also in charge of our online bakeshop, keeping it up-to-date with our seasonal items. From deciding on what to include, to taking photos, to shipping the items out, she oversees it all. She’s very well versed in all of our products, because her first job at the bakery was serving customers in our storefront. She has been working at the bakery for over twelve years now. Despite all that time, the best part of working at Grandaisy, for Mimi, is the people: “The people here make it fun to come to work everyday.” We think everyone at the bakery would agree with her on that! Mimi’s always helping to organize birthday parties, baby showers and other celebrations of her fellow Grandaisy employees, reminding us all every day that we’re not just coworkers; we’re family.

Thank you for reading about Mimi! It is the skill and positive energy of everyone who works at Grandaisy Bakery that ensures a great product, a strong community and a happy customer.